Coin Master Free Cards: How to Get Golden & Rare Cards?

To keep on winning in the Coin Master game, you will need many coin master rare cards or gold cards. Here you will find everything you need to know about getting coin master free cards.

Coin Master is the game that simply cannot be hated for any reason. It’s just simply the best. And one main reason for that is its exciting prizes including rare cards, gold cards, pets, coin master free spins, and coins as well.

So if you have been looking for coin master free cards or how to get gold cards in coin master, you are in the right place!

But before we can get started on the ways to get gold & rare cards in coin master, let’s first know what are golden cards & why are they so important?

What are Golden Cards & why are they important?

Golden Cards or Rare Cards in Coin Master are the cards that you need to collect to complete your card collection in order to proceed in the game.

Rare cards not only help you to complete a set, but they also gift you a lot of other bonuses as well. These bonuses sometimes include coin master boom levelsfree pet food, coins, spins and sometimes very cool cards as well.

Each card hails from a different category. Some categories are listed as:

  • Beasts
  • Items
  • Creatures
  • Status
  • Pets
  • Sweets

How to Get Free Rare Cards in Coin Master?

When it comes to getting rare cards in Coin Master, chances seem to be sinking very low in the game. The reason they are called rare cards is behind their specialty, which is why they are very hard to get.

But don’t worry, you can still have them. Below are the best ways you can try to get rare cards for free:

Buy Chests:

Have you ever believed in luck? Well, in Coin Master, you have to! Because the rare cards are not so easy to get your hand at them.

So, if you want rare cards so desperate, buy as many chests as you can in every village. If you are lucky enough, you’ll find rare cards somewhere there.

Trade Chests:

If buying doesn’t help, then trading will! That’s why it’s called a luck game. Keep trading the chests with the Coin Master community or get them gifted.

How to Get Free Coin Master Gold Cards?

Unlike rare cards, Golden cards are not so complex to get. Fortunately, the ways to get Golden cards are not limited. Here’s how you can get gold cards in Coin Master for free

Trade Cards on Facebook:

Coin Master has one of the biggest communities on Facebook where the players share a lot of things with each other. You can also join the Coin Master trading group on Facebook which has more than 2 million members!

The members of the group help each other and gift coins & sometimes various cards as they don’t need them anymore. Few players may not even ask for anything in return & will gift you the golden cards.

So if you have already a Facebook account, join Coin Master communities & start engaging!

Navigate Social Media Giveaways:

Groups on social media aren’t not only used for trading or gifting cards, but the members of different communities organize a giveaway as well. You can find many such groups on Reddit & Facebook.

You can join them & get some golden or even rare cards which you need to complete your collection.

Buy Chests Every Time:

As mentioned before, Chests are unpredictable. You won’t know what is in there. So, every time you log in to the game, make sure you buy a chest. Chests give you a lot of bonus items including cards. So keep buying chests, they are treasures in real!

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So, these were the best ways to get golden & rare cards in Coin Master. We strongly recommend using each of them if you want to get Coin Master cards completely free!

Leave a comment below with your experience of using these methods to get coin master free cards below!

18 Replies to “Coin Master Free Cards: How to Get Golden & Rare Cards?”

  1. Melissa Brandenburg says:

    Information gives here helped tremendously !

    1. Kanty R lewis says:

      I love this game very much ,for me to get cards I first try to stalk up some coins first just for spending on chest . leave my village first unfix until I have the amount of the stars I can use on the expensive one first those with the golden cards .

  2. Damian Wainwright says:

    Thanks! this helped me move forward faster hopefully.

  3. The information you provide is very good and accurate.

    1. Solange De Morais says:

      Gosto muito do jogo e ingriver mais preciso de carta de ouro pra fechar algums jogo vcs pode me ajudar quero fazer parte desta equipe obrigado meu nome é Solange

  4. I really like this game although I would like the levels to be cheaper to pass it and the golden cards come out more because sometimes you get stuck and you can’t cut off a greeting for everyone

  5. Thomas Wilkens says:

    I wish coin master would allow us to exchange specific cards for cards you may not have, more specifically duplicate cards for golden cards still needed to move forward ultimately completing levels faster

  6. Crescel Dela Cruz says:

    It is really an awesome game. Thank you for sharing these tips and guides. It helps me more enjoy the game.

  7. Filomena Fazio says:

    I really like this game, it’s very cool

  8. Terry Herlein says:

    Love the game! but no one sends me free spins and coins back to me I send them to them every day and maybe one or two will return them to me. They like raiding me instead. I and my husband compare cards and we swap back and forth is the only way I get my cards I need except for the ones you can exchange

  9. Love this game but 5 spins an hour could be increased

  10. Catherine Capps says:

    I’m a 60-year-old lady and I love this game. I’ve made many new friends as well. I’m from Kentucky USA and I’ve made a great friend with a young lady of 30 from Egypt..pretty neat huh? We are learning the game together and helping each other with cards. I so look forward to playing this wonderful game each and every day. It’s such a nice escape from all the tragedy that’s going on in the world today. I think if everyone had a little Coin Master in their life it might be a better place to live in. So I thank you for the fun you’ve given well needed.

  11. Sertea Simona says:

    Thanks for the tips! it’s a very good game

  12. Mona Cathriner says:

    I love this game. It keeps me going and not thinking about what’s happening in the world today

  13. Thanks! I really like the game highly addictive. Now I can progress even faster

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